Pontlliw and Tircoed Community Council

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About the Community Council


The Council consists of Authority Members (Councillors) who together, acting collectively are the Council.

Council Powers

As a statutory Local Authority, the Community Council has a number of powers which it uses to lead, support and develop the local Community.

Council Strategy

The Council, working in partnership with local residents and statutory authorities, undertook a Community Appraisal to ascertain the views of local citizens, their aspirations and to understand the reality of life in the Community.

F.A.F. Initiative

The Community Council’s Financial Assistance Funding Initiative is a Council programme which aims to support the voluntary sector in the Community.

M. U. G. A. - Multi-Use Games Area

The Council provides a multi-use games area (M.U.G.A.) for use by local residents and clubs in Pontlliw Park.