Pontlliw and Tircoed Community Council

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Council Powers

As a statutory Local Authority, the Community Council has a number of powers which it uses to lead, support and develop the local Community.
  • Principal powers used by the Council relate to:
  • Provision of support to local voluntary sector groups
  • Issuing information to the local Community
  • Direct service provision, especially for recreational purposes, children and young people
  • Statutory consultation and partnership working with other Local Authorities and related agencies
  • Liaison with key agencies, organisations and partnerships
  • Environmental improvements in the Community
  • Civic recognition of the work of local citizens
Council policy and strategy is informed by the Community Strategy and, as part of its Assessment and Performance Scheme, the Council strives to provide value for money in all its activities, with the needs of the local Community being put first and foremost.
Specific information relating to the Council's activities and the utilisation of statutory powers can be obtained by contacting the Council's Officers.