Pontlliw and Tircoed Community Council

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The Council consists of Authority Members (Councillors) who together, acting collectively are the Council. The Council comprises ten unpaid volunteers, elected by the residents of Pontlliw and Tircoed every four years.
Principal meetings of the Authority include Full Council (when all Members meet as the Council, assisted and advised by Officers) which is the sovereign decision making body of the organisation, and Standing Committees (comprising a smaller number of Members and Officers) which scrutinse decisions made and make recommendations on specific areas of Council activity.

Proceedings of the Council are principally regulated by statutory requirements. The Council has also developed (and regularly reviews) internal rules which affect Council meetings, the conduct of business, and other Authority matters.

The two principal Office holders in the Council are the Council Chairman and the Vice-Chairman. They are supported in their duties by Council Officers.

Chairman of the Council
The Chairman of the Council chairs meetings of the Council and has a specific role in leading the Authority, acting as the civic leader of the Community and representing the Council at the various civic events and ceremonies which take place during the municipal year.
Vice-Chairman of the Council
The Vice-Chairman of the Council acts as deputy to the Chairman and assists the Chairman in his duties. The Council also, from time to time designates duties for the Vice-Chairman.

Council Officers
Council decisions and business is implemented and progressed mainly by Council Officers who act under the direction of the Authority. Officers answer to the Council and assist Members in their task of representing the Community and ensuring that the Authority acts efficiently and with probity.